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You landed on this page while searching Hubpages login. Actually Hubpages don’t have any page name login so you reached here.

Hubpages is basically an online platform for writers to share their knowledge in a rewarding manner.  Writers are known as hubbers on hub pages. Hub pages share the revenue generated through ads with writers as 70:30 ratio.

Like BlogSpot, hub pages also provide great opportunity to new & old bloggers to earn money by only sharing their knowledge & writing articles. But it is not as easy as some people might think . If we are not willing to spend our time & effort then at the end we will earn nothing.

The main thing to keep in note is quality of content of huber as quality content increase the viewership & people will start subscribing you & sharing your content which will automatically increase your content viewers.  By Quality I mean the content should be knowledgeable, easy to read & understand & interactive.

Techniques not allowed on hub pages:


  • Copied content from any other website or hub.
  • Article containing grammatical mistakes or sentences are not completed well
  • Content contain hatred / abusive / sexual content.


Even if we get our article accepted by hub pages it will still not become beneficial for us as most of the web traffic is drive from search engine more particularly from Google & Google has its own parameter (algorithms) to check the quality of the content. On basis of quality it sort the ranking of website & websites having top ranking gain maximum number of visitors.

After login to hub pages it is a good approach to complete your profile & put all necessary details so other hubber & viewers can get engaged with you.

In Hubpages login try to create engaging content so people can have discussion on it & refer others to read & get engage to it.

To be a successful huber, we also need to learn how to drive traffic to our website. Search engine optimization techniques helps in driving the traffic which includes on page optimization & off page optimization.

Hubpages already contain off page SEO so we don’t need to worry about it. All we need is to create quality & relevant back-links from other authority websites by keeping the SEO guidelines in mind.

Now Hubpages has start using sub domains which helps the site to maintain the ranking on Google but decrease the overall articles ranking. Previously all content was posted as main domain of the website which was much helpful for new comers but now it is much difficult.

Well it is still a great platform for people to earn without spending a single penny!


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