How to prevent Depression


  • lack of inner peace,
  • lack of satisfaction,
  • no happiness,
  • negativity

Depression basically is high in people who have everything in this world whether money, wealth, women, music, everything they desire than the lower class who has nothing but is happy the way they are.

People who have everything in/of this world they desire, need a pill or a drug to sleep, pills for satisfaction etc.

While the poor people sleeps peacefully although they have nothing in their lives.

Often, people say that MUSIC IS THE FOOD OF SOUL. But this is not true.

Most people think that money or wealth, women, music gives inner peace and satisfaction.

The question to those people is:-

  1. If money, women or music gives satisfaction then why did Elvis Presley killed himself??

= Music is a distraction. In hospitals in Australia, music is atleast played for 5 mins to relax the patients and distract them from pain. Music can distract but it can not reduce the pain or give satisfaction.

2. Why did Michael Jackson killed himself, when he had the above things (i.e. money, king of pop =music, women) ??

= Michael Jackson used to take drugs and pills to sleep. He had Lack of Inner peace although he had everything in this world including wealth, lavish home, extreme money, etc 

3.  Why did Marilyn Monroe who had money, who had everyone she desired, who had beauty, who was an idol for women (and women want to be like her; adapting her looks etc.),  killed herself??

= All the fame, beauty, money, looks can’t give satisfaction and Inner peace.

4.  What was the end of Pharaoh Ramesess, Namrood, Qaroon who had Powers and thought that they were the best??

= Power, Money can’t save anyone because no one has the Authority to rule over the world except Allah (S.W.T.). Power, money and authority cannot give inner peace and satisfaction.

  •  The people who are depressed, they wake up at night and sleep in the day time like bats.
  • In UK, most people have seasonal depression because there is darkness for 18 hours.
  • When the Inner balance is slightly disturbed, that mainly causes depression.


  • Recite this dua as much as you can:-

dua for depression

  • Be positive in everything.
  • Do not look at your PAST, look towards your FUTURE. Because if you’ll look in the review mirror, eventually you will Crash.
  • Nothing to fear negative about. Always feel happy in every kind of situation.
  • Keep the EXPECTATION LEVEL to zero from anyone. . The best time is when you do not expect anything from anyone, and you get it without asking or demanding.
  • Just be positive and never Give- up. Maybe you are near to your Goal.
  • Be positive in every negativity.
  • We should never think that we are so sinful, Allah wouldn’t forgive us. Allah is Ar-Rehman, Ar Raheem, At- Tawwab.
  • Find happiness in every single thing.
  • knowing happiness is a way to Peace.
  • Look at the nature and feel it.



 The point in all this is, this world (DUNYA) is very tempting and full of pleasures but the Inner peace and satisfaction cannot be achieved in this DUNYA if u lack IMAAN. The first step for SATISFACTION and INNER- PEACE is finding happiness and EXPECTING LESS.


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