Chinese Egg Fried Rice Recipe


* Rice= 2 kgs/ 2 Cups

* Black Pepper= ½ tsp

* White Pepper= ½ tsp

* Soya Sauce= 1 tbsp

* Worcestershire Sauce= 2 tbsp

* Eggs= 3

* Carrots= 3 thinly sliced in stripes

* Green Onions= 1 cup

* Green Chillies= 3-4 thinly sliced in stripes

* Capsicum= 1 thinly sliced in stripes

* Peas= 2 cups (optional)

* Garlic Paste= 2 tsp

* Salt= to taste

* Ajinomoto (Chinese Salt)= to taste

* Water= as required

* Oil= as required


Take Rice in a bowl and wash the Rice and Soak Rice for 40-45 minutes.

Take Water in Wok or a Deep Pan and let it boil on the stove.

Add 1 tsp of Salt or Salt as required in the boiling Water.

Also add Rice in the Boiling Water.

As soon as you see that the Rice are about to cook, drain the water from the rice and keep aside.

Take a bowl and add Eggs in it. Stir the Eggs continuously to make a smooth paste.

Take a separate Pan and add Oil. Also add Garlic Paste and sauté. Now add the Egg paste while continuously stirring with a Dish Spoon in a quick motion so that there will be no large Egg Clumps formed.

Add all the Vegetables, Salt, Ajinomoto (Chinese Salt), Worcestershire Sauce, White Pepper & Black Pepper. Stir and mix well. (Mixture 2)

Now Take a Wok or a Deep Pan. Add Rice and add Mixture 2.

Pour Soya Sauce on top.

Cover the Wok or the pan with a lid.

Cook for 5 minutes over a low flame.

Open the lid and mix the rice.

Serve hot with Tomato Ketchup or with any Chinese Gravy.


Chines Egg fried Rice Chinese Rice


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