Islamic Banking Scope in Pakistan

Introduced in 1960′s in Pakistan but get its momentum in last decade Islamic banking now hold a consider assets in financial market. Before proceeding further, some basic introduction about islamic finance is necessary. It is based on profits and risk sharing in bussiness as opposed to intrest provision in amount invested. The bank pool up […]

Start Your Business Through Facebook

If you like to increase your sales & get more fans to your page, Marketing will be the best approach. Kindly contact us for a marketing package which is feasible for you: Blaze Minds Facebook Marketing It is the era of technology & ways of business are changing. In my years of experience in social marketing I […]

Car Insurance for Seniors

We’ve all heard horror stories about 95-year-old drivers who jump the curb and hit buildings, pedestrians or both.  Unfortunately, these incidents are among the factors that drive the car insurance rates up for those in the senior age bracket.

Online Currency Converter

Currency Conversion rates or Forex rates varies on daily basis in open market. People with interest in currency rates or people with business depended on currency conversion have big interest in knowing the Forex rates as they updated.

How to Keep Marketing While Enjoying the Holidays

With Christmas and New Years around the corner, many marketers and business owners are worrying about how to find time for a well-deserved break without letting their marketing efforts slip. Luckily, there are several ways to ensure you don’t skip a beat while you enjoy the holidays.