Hearing a lot of positive feedbacks and reading a lot of positive comments on Social Media, Face book and through friends, me and my friend with our spouses decided to go for dinner on a Friday night to Vintage Bakeshop and Café. 

Vintage Bakeshop and Cafe Board Vintage Bakeshop and Cafe (look from outside) Vintage soft lightening with Floral Wall paper Vintage Bakeshop and cafe (look from the entrance)

It is a small, warm and cosy English tea house type café situated in a calm countryside place in Khyaban-e-Seher, Saba Avenue, Phase 6, D.H.A, Karachi.

Before Visiting Vintage I just knew it was only a Café, but when I went there, I got to know that it was a bakeshop as well. And it is really famous for its lovely, yummy and mouth-watering desserts.

The place has a yellow striking entry door. Inside there is nothing but an empty wooden chair and a white stained table with a void having three saucers adorning the table. The whole look that represents the Victorian Vintage era, beautiful jumbled mismatched tiles, dim yellow lightening and a washroom situated at the corner, a stairway leading downwards to basement where the café and the bakeshop are situated.

Downstairs, the café gives the impression of an old fashioned but interesting and attractive English tea house of the 1960’s and 1970’s era with white chairs with floral cushions, floral and pink and mint green blossomed wallpapers, soft vintage lamps or lights.

The sitting area of the Vintage is small but cosy and air conditioned. There is bakery counter at the corner.

The menu card is of a different yellow colour contrasting the Vintage theme.



Vintage Bakeshop and Cafe (Vintage Moroccan Chicken) Vintage Bakeshop and cafe (Roasted Bell Pepper Alfredo Chicken)

Vintage is a café that has Chicken as in the main dish.

My friend and I decided to order Mozzarella sticks in the starters because we are cheese lovers, Roasted Bell Pepper Alfredo Chicken, Vintage Moroccan Chicken and Buffalo Chicken Grandwich.

The food was served piping hot after 20-25 minutes.

The fried Mozzarella Sticks were served hot in a small basket with a dip. They weren’t too tasty but the presentation and the size was tempting.

The Grandwich we ordered was Buffalo Chicken Grandwich. The Marinated Chicken Breast was Crispy and fried, topped with Spicy Buffalo Sauce and Vintage Special three Cheese Sauce. The bun was soft and fresh. It was served with French fries, Coleslaw and a dip.

Vintage Bakeshop and Cafe (Mozzarella Sticks) Vintage Bakeshop and Cafe (Buffalo Chicken Grandwich) VINTAGE Bakeshop and Cafe (Classic Dark Chocolate Lava Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream) Vintage Bakeshop and Cafe (look from outside)

The size of the Buffalo Chicken Grandwich was enough and fulfilling for one person. And the taste was also delicious.

The next thing we ordered in the Vintage menu was Roasted Bell Pepper Alfredo Chicken which was a flavoursome Grilled Chicken fillet topped with creamy Spicy Red Bell Pepper Sauce and served with Steamed Vegetables with the side line of crispy French Fries in a handsome quantity. The taste of this Roasted Bell Pepper Alfredo chicken was out of this world. The quantity of the serving was even good too.

The last thing we ordered was Vintage Moroccan Chicken. The Vintage Moroccan Chicken was Spicy Grilled Chicken Breast Fillet served with Vintage Special Moroccan Sauce and steamed Vegetables. The side line we chose was Rice with this Vintage Moroccan Chicken.

In the Desserts, we ordered, Classic Dark Chocolate Lave Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream. It was extremely heavenly that we all couldn’t stop taking more of it. The presentation was also so tempting that I started Craving for more.


Overall, the Vintage Bakeshop and Café Food was awesome, fantastic and with a nice aroma. The rates were even very reasonable and of affordable prices.

Vintage (Bakeshop and Cafe)


The service was very good. Even the waiters were warm and friendly. I must say very Impressive Service.



Vintage Bake Shop and Café is a good hanging out place for all group ages. Even students and youngsters can enjoy awesome food here due to affordable price list. It is a calm and quiet place away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The Vintage Bakeshop and Café is excellent over-all but they need to add is to accept payment by cards as they now only accept cash payments.

I will rate Vintage Bakeshop and Café 9/10 by looking over all, at the great ambiance, awesome and delicious food and warm and hospitable staff service, food presentation and heavenly desserts.




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