Top 10 Nail Colors

As spring 2012 is approaching, all the girls out there are getting curious about the new nail enamels that will be in vogue this season. All huge and famous cosmetic brands have already started launching their new collections. So, all our fashion freaks gear up as we will reveal to you the top 10 spring nail colors trends for the year 2012.

The first major change the nail polish lovers will witness this spring season is that bold and neon colors have been replaced with soft and soothing beige and creamy colors, but at the same point classic and chic colors will also be available for the girls who want to portray themselves somewhat differently.

This spring season, the choice of color totally depends on the outfit you are wearing. If you are wearing bold, printed and busy designs then your nail color preference should be minimalist. Try wearing nude and creamy colors like peach, pink, yellow, blue, purple, etc. Some really cool nude shades that are in fashion are transparent pink, milky white, sea-shell pink, honey tones, French manicure, flushed pink and yellowish green like the color of avocado.

However, if you are wearing a fabric that is plain and minimal, then try wearing bold and classic colors like the famous Marilyn Monroe red, rich yellow, deep claret, cherry red, chrome and even corals.

Along with that, some change in the manicure style is also being observed. One of the very interesting phenomenons I saw was the reverse manicure in which you manicure the lower part of your nail in v shape, while the upper part is painted with an audacious color like black, deep maroon or in darker shades of blue or turquoise.

As for all the nail art lovers, this season, the slogan is “to get creative and let your imagination work”. Try mixing light and dark shades to create a whole new look. You don’t need to be really specific, just follow what your heart says and create a complete new look of your own. There are plenty of dark, light and nude shades available in the market.

Although, point to remember is that before creating any look, make sure your nail lacquer is of a good brand and must have a decent nail applicator. You can also make use of specially designed nail application brushes to form intricate and beautiful patterns.

Last but not the least, the trend of glittery nail lacquers is also back. There are no restrictions in creating the design you want. Simply paint your nails with a dazzling silver color or stick shimmery sequins to your nails. Do as you desire, since it’s all about creating a look that is artistic and crafty yet approachable.


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