President Asif ali zardari Escaped to Dubai Reality

Today in news we heard that president zardari is escaping from country to dubai along with his family. As tahir ul Qadri long march is in progress many news regarding zardari’s plane test & he has already flyed to dubai or london were heard.

This news is not reported by any trustable authority or news channel so we should take it as a rumor.

After Tehreek Minhaj Quran leader Dr. Tahir ul Qadri Tehreek e Insaaf has also announced a long march after 8 days. So the country politics will remain in shocking mode for some more days. As 2 marches will be lead towards the capital of this state in 10 days duration. Both PTI & TMQ have masive following & we can expect some big & shocking scenarious in the upcoming days.

President Zardari will definetly be removed from presedancy very soon but will he be allowed to leave the country or supreme court will take any action?



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