Life in Karachi

Karachi ties are used to of situations we deal on daily base here in karachi. It is a core business hub of Pakistan & most of the business is carried out through Karachi. we usually face strikes, target killing here, Crime rates are also too high & law & order situation remain to low level.

The basic issue I figured out is that law enforcement agencies are politicized & work according to corrupt political parties. Parties like MQM are playing terrorizing role instead of bringing some positive change. MQM has remained in the government for past many years so that’s why i am putting them responsible more. Supreme Court has also publish Terrorism reports regarding MQM military wing along with other parties.

Majority police is also placed for the security of political people & other don’t have guts to take action against the criminals & military wings. Actually many criminals who get arrested are putted out through political pressure & some police officers also got killed in the revenge by those criminals.

I expect Gwadar to be developed soon which will be the next business hub of Pakistan which will reduce the importance of Karachi & we might get a relieve. Streets near home are not save, we can even walk alone with our cell phones & cash as usually some one will come & snatch it away.

Business are always disturbed by these strikes & bad situation of city. I am really hopeful that government will take actions against it & we will also have a peaceful life.


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