Laser Eye Surgery

Everyone has the right to see the beautiful creation of God and cherish its beauty, but one should remember that each one of us has defects in themselves; no one is perfect. God has embedded these shortcomings, so one can work hard to correct the flaw and be thankful for all the giving. One common problem found among people these days is with eye sight. Not only aged and senior people, but rather many teenagers are associated with this issue. They have either near sighted, far or astigmatism eye problem. Doctors mostly prescribed their patients to wear glasses for this cause. Laser in-situ keratomileusis or LASIK is the sole solution to get rid of glasses or contact lenses.

Currently, two laser eye surgery methods have been devised for eye patients: LASIK Laser Eye Surgery and PRK Laser Eye Surgery. The study and immense experiments have shown that remarkable results are achieved via Lasik surgery. In this mode of remedy, a computerized therapy system is used in order to reshape the cornea. The actual surgery would take less than ten minutes or utmost an hour, depending upon the patient and his medical background. This whole technology is carried out worldwide, yet it is cheap and more affordable in Middle East country, particularly in the region of India.

India has progressed a lot in this specific medical field. They have scores of eye doctors or Ophthalmologist, having vast experience in performing successful LASIK eye surgeries. They have employed doctors who have adequate medical information, also make use of surgical instruments and procedures which are approved by the FDA department of USA.

Many people fear of going to India for the respective eye treatment, but they have qualified doctors. Furthermore, the cost of the medical treatment is relatively remarkably low. Overseas such as in the United Sates, it ranges up to two lacks; whereas in India, it is estimated to be of thirty five to forty thousand rupees only (depending upon the critical condition of the patient). No country has LASIK surgery included in their medical insurance bonding, which is also the reason eye-sight problem patients prefer visiting India for such motive.

India itself is such a momentous nation hence many specialized medical institutions are erected. Reliable medical centers can be found in Mumbai, Vapi, Hyderabad, Ahmadabad, Surat, Rajkot, Jamnagar, Calcutta, Baruda and Bharuch. Qualitative research should be done to locate a respectable hospital and appoint a liable doctor for an eye operation.

Although there has been not a single case of blindness been reported after a LASIK operation, yet precaution is a must. another disadvantage seen in this type of treatment is that as the Indian surgeons operate on sensitive area of the eyes, if God forbids any mishap happens, the action is not reversible. What is done is done; hence have to then live with it for the rest of the life or wait until some new technology is introduced in the medical sector related to LASIK laser eye surgery. Also, as every patient’s medical history differ, Indian doctors may recommend continuous usage of glasses after the surgery. this is normal and the power of the glasses would be less comparatively.

One should go for this treatment. It may be a hurdle between you and your dreams. Various professions require perfect eyesight such as pilot engineering, world of fashion and other popular industries have this demand. There is no pain involved after the surgery occurrence; just initial blurriness is customary in most cases. The itchiness will disappear in a day or two.


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