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Bollywood Movies 2013

Bollywood is second best film industry in world. Since 1930 it has produced classic and memorable movies. It has produced millions of heart breakers for entertaining people. Bollywood is love of people. Bollywood has worked hard for bring the most rated entertainment for its viewers.

Hollywood Movies 2013

Most of the Hollywood movies are popular for their high profile actors, unique music, stories and exotic locations. Each year, several high profile Hollywood films are produced and screened in theaters. They are nominated for various awards as well. The amount of money that Hollywood usually spends for the promotion of films and public relation […]

Top 10 english songs

Music is a therapist in itself. It is something all of us live by, not to mention the fanatics who will swear by the name of a certain song or musician.

New Indian Songs

Do you want to know what new Indian Songs have recently been released? Are you a new Indian and Bollywood Songs Junkie? Do you wish to listen to the most latest and new Bollywood and New Indian Songs of the latest movies released?

Top 10 Indian Songs 2015

Here is a list of Top ten Bollywood/ Hindi/ Indian Songs of 2015:-   Chittiyaan Kalaiyaan : This song was from the movie “Roy” which was released on 13th February, 2015. It was a romance and a thriller movie starring Ranbir Kapoor, Arjun Rampal & Jacqueline Fernandez and was directed by Vikramjit Singh. The movie […]

Top 10 Indian Songs December 2015

December is here & Year is almost ended. We have tried to put the top 10 indian songs of last quarter of 2013. This year was not that amazing for bollywood in songs & movies but we can predict that in 2014 many hit movies & songs will be released.