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Pharmaceutical Call Reporting

Blaze Minds On Demand is an online MR Reporting software to smoothly handle field activity of the organisation, Manage call reports of Field staff, Daily working analysis, E detailing, sales & stock management and User’s Live tracking through to GPS.

We help you run your business processes in
auto-mode with visibility and control.

Solutions That Transform Your Field Operations

Pharmaceutical call planning helps you prepare for the real sales call. You can say that it is one of the critical undamentals of successful pharmaceutical selling and one of the key performance indicators for pharma sales force effectiveness.

Streamline and Optimize Your Operations

Our Pharma Call Reporting System is a powerful solution designed to streamline and optimize your pharmaceutical sales operations.

Efficient Territory Management and Route Planning

Optimize your field sales operations with our Pharma Call Reporting System's efficient territory management and route planning capabilities. Effectively assign territories, plan sales visits, and optimize travel routes. Empower your sales representatives with detailed visit schedules, customer profiles, and interactive maps, enabling them to maximize their productivity while reducing travel time and costs.

Real-time Reporting and Performance Tracking

Gain real-time visibility into your sales team's performance and progress with our Pharma Call Reporting System's reporting and tracking features.

Features That

Empower You to Drive Growth

Our solution addresses every stakeholder’s needs and facilitates them with technology and tools to do their jobs in more efficient and effective way.

Monthly visit

Monthly visit planner.

Scheduled / Unscheduled 
call reporting

Scheduled / Unscheduled call reporting

Marketing expense 

Marketing expense management

Doctor sampling inventory 

Doctor sampling inventory notification

Mobile application 

Mobile application notification

Marketing activity 
request & management

Marketing activity request & management

Attendance marking 
through known locations

Attendance marking through known locations



Both web & mobile

Both web & mobile interface

Territory & hierarchy 

Territory & hierarchy management

Doctor / Pharmacy 
geo tagging & geo fencing

Doctor / Pharmacy geo tagging & geo fencing

Doctor / Pharmacy 
duplication removal

Doctor / Pharmacy duplication removal

Calls & sales target 
based performance

Calls & sales target based performance

ROI Reporting

ROI Reporting

Medical Rep location 

Medical Rep location tracking


Support area

Best Pharmaceutical Call Reporting

Software With Advance Utilities !

Blaze Minds offers best PCR system and app for Pharmaceuticals and healthcare companies. In seconds you can find out inside story of total medical representatives activities.

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