Zander Tyler Vs Jack Parow

Most of you know him as the cigarettesmoking, peak cap-wearing, hard-core rapper from Bellville, who doesn’t care what anyone thinks about him. But Jack Parow’s exactly the opposite when he drops the mic and heads home…

Hy’s die ou, and his name is Parow! to music fans around South africa, Jack’s the controversial rapper who loves to swear, party, drink, and be zef. But the more time we spend with him, the more we see that Zander tyler — the man behind the moustached singer — is actually a pretty normal guy. He’s a down-to-earth, somewhat conservative and shy family man (and a tech geek — who knew!?). that’s a far cry from his on-stage persona. and after watching Jack’s emotional roller coaster of a DVD, Welcome To Parowdise (which is filled with Jack performing live and behind-thescenes footage), our suspicions were confirmed that this guy’s as normal as they come. it starts off with the singer sitting alone at a bar having a drink, and then walking on stage to open with his hit song Hier’s.



Hy Nou. as entertaining as that is, the part that grabs us the most is seeing the rapper going home and doing regular chores. even his house isn’t what we expected — there aren’t any girls in booty shorts, and there aren’t any guys “dopping” around a braai… it’s an ordinary house and our man Jack feeds his dog, picks up leaves, uses the wheelbarrow… He’s an everyday kind of guy.

So how does Zander differentiate between his at-home mode and his musical madman? He answers simply and rather matter-of-factly, “i am myself. Jack Parow is an embellishment of what i am.” He adds, “the difference for me is that when i’m at home, i’m Zander. But when i’m out with friends or having a braai, then i’m partly Jack Parow… because Jack Parow is my party self in a way. i think.” it seems that Zander’s biggest challenge is to keep his two lives separate. Of course music is a huge priority, and he says, “i want to give my fans the best.” But the same goes for his family. When it comes to his FHM model girlfriend and babymama, Jenna Pietersen, and their adorable one-year-old tot, ruby, the protective daddy in Zander comes out, and it’s clear that they mean the world to him. “to have something that anchors you is amazing. it’s amazing to come home to my family. to have my friends around me is great.” about his family, Zander says, “they ground me and keep me real. Family keeps your life real.” Considering what we’ve seen of “boring ou” Zander, where exactly did he find Jack Parow? “i’m really into toys and comics, so i wanted to look like a character. i always used to wear a hat, which became so boring.

We then decided to make it longer with wire — and it worked. Jack Parow is merely a name. it’s fun to have when you have to go on stage, but it’s just a name.” it looks like Jack, with his almost Jekyll-and Hyde lifestyle, is twice the man we thought he was.


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