Trending Topics to Write Articles

Articles are getting mainstream attention because on internet the content is the king and the thing that makes it king is the written word. In addition, it must have its appeal to the audience. Knowing your audience is of topmost priority because if that article doesn’t concern the audience, then the article would be a waste. And if there is no context, then it would be totally oblivious to the reader. Furthermore, looking at the broader picture, a good article sets the base to attract readers towards that particular site. Therefore it serves as a marketing strategy in order to garner attention of the audience and draw them to visit your site more frequently, thereby making visitors into potential customers. But the possibility of that happening depends upon what is written rather than its source and effectively it depends upon the topic on which the article is written. It is said that writing an article is rather easy, however to write about an interesting topic is what is difficult. Because at the end of the day, the websites are there for a reason and that reason is to provide quality content to attract readers and for that to happen we have to give them a reason to read our material which can only be achieved by properly addressing their topics in an engaging style of writing.

Topics to write articles about are tough to think of but it can be made significantly easy by looking into the current state of affairs which truly reflect upon the readers’ likes and their pursuits. This can be achieved by looking at the peers/reading blogs, being up to date relating to all the events around us and most importantly being able to have and obtain diverse knowledge regarding the subject. There are several affairs that have come to my attention in the recent past which may be noteworthy and that may be helpful to the average layman roaming around to garner knowledge. 5 of these topics which I deem to be worthwhile to write articles about are as follows:-



Modern age has brought with itself many wonderful things that have kept people on their toes. One of these is the technology that is an ever advancing prodigy that has attracted customers who flock to stores for the cellular phones, TV sets, Laptops, gadgets and many more things micronized in stature but colossal in function. The possibilities of writing articles about this category is prolific, you can write a review of a hot gadget, a preview of an upcoming iPhone that has everyone on the edge of their seats or a quick manual outlining all the new features of a cool laptop. In addition, you can attract people of all gender by writing about amazing new toys that we, the people of old generation, could not have even dreamed of, kitchen appliances that our female visitors would find fascinating and much more things that would dangle even the sturdiest.



Health is a general topic that will always be in the mind of millions of people and of which information will be a necessity to the concerned. This is a diverse topic which will have many things to write about like how to control obesity, foods that provide a healthy life style and diets and reduces the chances of age old diseases like myocardial infarction and hypertension. In addition, articles may also be written about exercise tips and gym workouts. In this age of Fast food domination, health is a very important topic and one that may concern and help a heck lot of folks with broad waistlines and high BMIs.



What tools are available? Where can you find price comparisons? What are the best deals? Are there any meeting places for like-minded shoppers? Shopping is already a very huge industry and with all the cramped up places, websites offer some leverage to the shoppers to shop from their ship. So articles relating to the best merchants to the best prices available for a product to the best markets at cut rate prices are a perfect solution to the overload problem.



Writers classify this topic as absolutely “timeless”. It is a topic etched in stone and here for the long haul. Who doesn’t want to make money? Even people who do not want them make them for charitable purposes. Going through blogs and reading comments, I have seen people crazed over how to make money. This topic is a must for a writer, only if you show your reader a way to earn money in a legal and moral way, then only will they buy it and I assure it. People want to make some money so show them how to do it!!



A category for everyone, sports attracts the whole world in one way or the other. If one person is attached to football, the other is to soccer, and another to tennis. Articles relating to player profile, their lifestyles and controversies and education of sports can provide the mass with the information they seek. There is no dearth in topics attached to sports. It is estimated that nearly 1 in 9 persons in the world idolize a sports personality. In addition to all the above said topics regarding sports, people also want to learn of the best sportswear and instruments associated with it. So sports articles provide the writer with a diverse list to choose articles to write.


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