Tips for a glowing skin


Skin is the thin layer of tissue covering the upper part of our body.
Like the other organs of our body (stomach, lungs, heart etc) skin is also an important organ of our body and plays a vital role in our life. It protects our body from infections and and keeps us from getting sick.
Taking care of skin today will help us to prevent future problems like wrinkles, acne, skin cancer and so on. We should take care of it as much as possible.
Everybody wants to have a glowing skin. Let me share some tips for a healthier and younger skin.


Take care of your diet:

A proper diet is very essential for our skin. Eat healthy food. Take right amount of nutrition and vitamins. For a glowing skin take protein like fish, nuts, vegetables, brown rice, etc.

Plenty of water:

Drinking water 2 liters per day brings a noticeable change in your life. Water hydrates the body and remove extra oil and dirt. Drink plenty of water as much as possible.

Use of sunscreen or sunblock:

Apply sunblock with SPF above 45 on to your face while going out. Wear that clothes which covers most of the part of your skin or if possible take umbrella.

Skin hydration:

Cleanse your face twice a day. Use cold water as it closed the opened pores. While washing use circular movement, but don’t scrub.

Sleep well:

 As per as concerned a healthier skin should take minimum 8 hours of proper sleep in a day.

Vitamin C:

Vitamin C enhance the skin brightness and make it glow and clear.The best source of vitamin C are sweet potato, guava, grapes, kiwi, strawberry etc.


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