Make Productive use of Facebook

Social media is a huge waste of time. Youth is being wasted day by day by this fiend, withering and perishing in the hands of Facebook, twitter and other social networks.

Countless no of minds are being spoiled, children’s at school, employees at office; All are frittering away into the same demeaning whirlpool of misspend.

Our society is surrounded by countless matters and crisis at hand and this is one of the many. From adults to teenagers to children all are becoming the target.

Facebook is a widespread social interaction place where people from any where can chat, talk and even video chat making the people think that the time is being utilized in a good way but its not. People are either not accepting the truth that they are throwing away their energy which can be used in doing creative work and can be utilized in many other useful ways or they are aware of their acts or just not realizing their mistake.

Its every where from your personal computer to your android cell phone and from your iPad to your iPod, facebook is within seconds of your grasp. Its network is growing so fast then the population of the world itself.

Even if it is blocked in your school one either finds another way to access it or is forced to study but all goes in vain because the lesson hours are being used by the kids by using facebook. Social interaction is much better when face to face than on the internet there are many other potentially harmful ways that a minor could face while talking to a complete stranger on the internet like getting cyber bullied.

Moreover people spending more time in social networking have a low health profile they sit and eat all day and have no physical activity and spend late night hours which leaves then short on sleep and either sleep the next day or have a low concentration level.

Ways to avoid facebook are many if one is persistent in its behavior some of which are:

  • Make a suitable schedule in which only limited time is spent on facebook
  • Find other substitutes such as Sports or some other physical activity
  • Go read a book
  • Develop skills in your field of interest
  • Become a socially active person and find new ways to connect people in actual
  • Do some chores or a part time job
  • Close your facebook account

If you are not able to do any of the above then you have a incurable disease and nothing can be done.


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