HARDEE’S Chicken Jalapeno Burger with curly Fries

Hardees Nazimabaad Karachi


The very known, U.S International Burger Chain, Hardee’s is now in the City of Lights, Karachi (Pakistan) as well. It is located in North Nazimabad, near five Star Chowrangi.

Hardee’s in Karachi, Pakistan is opened by Global Quick Foods (Pvt) Limited.

Hardee’s is famous for their big, juicy, and delicious burgers.



I recently visited North Nazimabad branch of Hardee’s with my brother. It is a good place for Beef lovers as it is already famous for its Juicy Beef Burgers that are messy to eat as they are filled with rich sauces that drip down while eating and for highly satisfying taste.

But as I m a Chicken lover, I ordered a combo deal of Chicken Jalapeno Burger with the famous Curly Fries and drink. The positive point of this deal was Free Refill of the drink as much times as I wanted. Wohoo!!

Chicken Jalapeno burger


The Burger buns were very fresh and Soft. The Chicken patty was tender and dipped in yummy and rich sauces with Cheese Slice and Jalapenos. The taste was delicious. Because of the Jalapenos it was a little Spicy (I am a Spice Lover). The burger was quite thick and totally satisfying and mouth- watering. And the serving was enough for a person.

Chicken Jalapeno Burger with Curly fries


I tried the very Famous Curly Fries of Hardee’s. They were twisted and curled in shape. That was the thing they are famous for. But I don’t know I did not like them much. They are popular but I did not find their taste that good. (Maybe these Curly Fries are famous for their look). The Curly fries were soft from inside and Crispy from outside.



COLD DRINK (Free Re-Fill):-

The think I loved about Hardee’s was their Free Refills., As much as I wanted to have. After placing the order, the person behind the counter provides a Large sized empty glass. The drinks were placed on a corner. Any one with the Glass can have drinks and Ice. The straws and the Cap for the glass were also present there to cover the glass after refilling the drink.




It’s a good Place for tempting and delicious Burgers if you are a Beef lover. But as I m a Chicken lover this place was okay for me. Although their presentation of serving is good and enough for a person, the ambiance is even good, but for me it was a place I wished to try once.

I will rate Hardee’s 7.5/10.


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