SMS Marketing

Sms marketing pakistan

SMS (Short Message Service) marketing is also known as mobile marketing & text message marketing. It is the most modern and effective way for companies and brands to increase sales and promote their products.
In the present era, mainly all the brands and companies are using this method to generate their sales in a very short period of time. This way you can easily approach your target customers and clients whenever you want and wherever they are.

Branded SMS

This is the very effective service at a customized budget to increase and promote business with your Brand name mentioned when the SMS pops up on customers or clients cell phone. Whenever the SMS are delivered to your customers or clients, they will be delivered from your brand or companys name instead of any unknown number or code that one creates content authenticity of the message and enables readers (Audience), clients, customers to trust the content of your branded SMS.

Non Branded SMS

This is also the effective way to promote your products. It is cheaper than the Branded SMS marketing as this doesnt include the brand or the company name. The message on the clients or the customers cell phone comes from random cell numbers.

The response rate of branded SMS Marketing service is far better than SMS from Unbranded SMS Marketing i.e messages from ordinary cell numbers. Branded SMS Marketing is generally the most useful Marketing for commercial organizations, business groups, Multinational brands and companies.
Major Brands and Companies can avail this service to handle commercial marketing campaigns, to send price alerts, Sales alerts, Special Offers, Holiday Packages, Product promotions and more. The possibilities are just endless.


Blaze Mind solutions can provide you everything in your customized Budget.


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