Search Engine Optimization

Whenever an individual searches a query word over the internet search engines, they get a list of results containing the matter they searched for. Usually, users go for the top results that are shown by the search engines because they perceive that these results are more relevant to their search. Well, these top results are not just a mere coincidence instead they are there because of a powerful marketing source called SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Basically, SEO is a technique through which an individuals site is ranked higher than the others in accordance to the query that has been searched. In other words SEO is the process of gaining more traffic for a site.

Search Engine Optimization in Pakistan

Blaze Minds has hired experts that deals with Search Engine Optimization efficiently. We offer services with guaranteed outcomes based on the keywords you supply. Since SEO works as a marketing strategy for increasing the sites traffic, it completely understands that how search codes work and what individuals are searching for. Moreover Search Engine Optimization may involve presentation, structuring and algorithms of a site and also fixing problems which stop search engine indexing from capturing a site fully.

Following are the steps for a SEO:

Initial Website Analysis

In order to generate a productive SEO drive, an analysis of the website is done methodologically and a line of attack is planned to modify the website to achieve maximum efficiency.

Keyword Research and Traffic Analysis

In this phase the main aim is to distinguish keywords for your website. The benefit of identifying keywords is that it will drive more traffic to your site based on the keywords people more generally use on search engines. On the other hand, Traffic Analysis is mainly associated with determining the traffic for the distinguished keywords.


Competitors Analysis

Competitor Analysis is much more critical in SEO than people comprehend. You need to know who your competitor is and what is he doing? We employ our rigorous analysis techniques and perform a continuous monitoring of the market to deal with the existing and possible competitors. It is done to make your website excel in the competition.


Search Engine + Directory Submission

In search Engine Submission, the websites created are consistently submitted to all the important search engines. We do submissions to various Search Engines from which Google, Yahoo & Bing are most important. It is done to ascertain appropriate indexing of all the pages of your site on all search engines databases. Whereas, in Directory Submission process, we submit your websites link to appropriate web directories to get suitable back links and to improve the search engine rankings as well as public distinction.


On Page Optimization

Basically, on-page optimization involves editing web pages and optimizing the composition and arrangement of your website. This includes Meta tag optimizations, title optimizations, link optimizations, keyword optimizations, image optimizations and html tags. It is performed in order to make your website more popular on the search engines ratings.


Social Bookmarking

This is a process used to promote a website. Through this process, the website of the client is bookmarked, thus helping in improving the rating of the website in all popular search engines. It also increases the web presence of a site on the internet which in return draws thousands of visitors to the website.


Blogs + Forum Submission

Blogging and forum submission is an important aspect of SEO. Through this submission procedure, the website of the client is promoted by posting websites link on different websites, blogs and social networks via comments and discussion. This helps a lot in publicity of the website by creating awareness about your site among the internet users. Moreover, it also assists in creating back links to the clients.


Press Release and Classified Ads

In this phase, official ads are designed to attract more eyes towards your website, products and services. These ads are then posted on news medias for the internet users to see and visit your site.


Articles Submission

Article submission also helps in increasing the traffic for the website. A unique and well presented article always catches the eye of users and brings them to the appropriate website. These articles are carefully written and then submitted to online directories so that search engines and other users could become aware and bring traffic to your site.


Quality Link Building

Bringing valued links to your website enhance the popularity of your site and bring more traffic; this process is known as Link building. It is one of the most fundamental parts of link building since seventy percent chances of acquiring top search engine ranking depends upon it. This technique works best when used effectively with on page optimization.


Ranking and Analytic Reports

Ranking and analytical reports are also essential sine they provide information about the current traffic, incoming users and online recognitions of your website. It also involves maintaining the high ranking of the website in the search engines and further enhancing it by regularly revising and improving the website in compliance with the SEO algorithms.