Frequently Asked Questions


Getting Started

How is Blaze Minds POS different from other POS systems?
Blaze Minds POS is the only POS system that reports line item detail to QuickBooks, Sage 50 US Edition (formerly Peachtree), Sage 50 Canadian Edition (formerly Simply Accounting).

This gives you an important advantage: as there is no need to relearn inventory, purchasing or extra accounting functions. The quantity on hand and inventory information is in the same program that you order inventory and pay vendors from.

How difficult is Blaze Minds POS to install and use?
Blaze Minds POS Retail is very simple to use. We tried to keep a very simple interface even a lay man can operate our Point of Sales system. This means that there is no need to learn any accounting functions in order to use the system.It is simple to train employees to use. With the system, you need merely scan the item, total, tender and move on to your next customer. Its one of the most simple, yet robust systems available today!

How can a retail POS system help me run my business more efficiently?
A good retail POS system increases your efficiency by eliminating unnecessary work. Instead of using separate systems for your retail, mail order, eCommerce, and wholesale divisions, choose one retail software package that can manage your entire business. Choose a retail POS system that increases your speed of service with faster ticket entry, on-the-fly data entry, and data-driven lookups.
Make sure that the retail software you choose can automate all of your process-oriented tasks, such as physical count, purchasing, label printing, and customer loyalty.
Should I buy the point of sale hardware or the retail software first?
The single biggest mistake retailers make when choosing a new retail POS system is buying the point of sale hardware before the retail software. The retail software you choose to run your retail business may not be compatible with your new point of sale hardware. Not all scanners, weight scales, or card readers will work with all retail software packages. Buying both the point of sale hardware and the retail software from the same vendor can reduce or eliminate compatibility issues and can often reduce your overall technology costs
If my server goes down, can the sales person continue ringing up sales?
If you want your salesman to be able to process sales without a server, choose retail software with lane redundancy or an offline mode. When point of sale workstations are ‘offline’ (i.e., not connected to the server), sales person can continue ringing up sales. When the connection to the server is reestablished, data from the local workstation is synchronized or replicated with the data on the server.
Offline POS software can also work well for sidewalk sales, portable kiosks, and scheduled network outages.
I want a web store. Should I use a separate system for my ecommerce store?
No. You should choose retail software with integrated ecommerce features. With an integrated system, you can use one retail software package to manage both your web store and your brick-and-mortar stores. An integrated ecommerce solution eliminates the extra effort and expense of maintaining inventory in multiple systems. If ecommerce is important to your business.
Who can benefit from Blaze Minds POS?
Any business can benefit from Blaze Minds POS: single or multi-branch specialty stores, boutiques and chain stores, bookstores, jewelry stores, camera stores, gift shops, clothing stores, hair salons, pet stores, baby boutiques, wholesalers, home businesses, duty-free shops, and many more.
Q: What are the minimum system requirements to use Blaze Minds POS on my computer?
Windows 10 – Full Version
Windows 8 – Full Version
Windows 7 – Pro or higher – 32 bit or 64 bit
Pentium 4 or faster processor w/1GB RAM
Java 6 or newer – 32 bit only
What do I need to get started?
You just need a computer and an Internet connection. Other hardware like a receipt printer, barcode scanner and cash drawer are optional, and can be added later on.



Can Blaze Minds POS handle a large number of users and multiple branches?
Yes. There is also no practical limit in the number of branches or users you can define for your Blaze Minds POS. We only say 1 to 100 branches so that you can more easily appreciate the power of Blaze Minds POS. Each user can be assigned individual roles and designated branches. Each branch can have its very own inventory and sales records.
Can Blaze Minds POS handle large numbers of inventory items?
Yes. There is no practical limit to the number of products you can define in Blaze Minds POS. From our experience, we expect that each Blaze Minds POS store will have an average of two to 10,000 products.
Can Blaze Minds POS support state and local tax input?
Yes. You can customize and set local, state/provincial and federal tax rates for your geography, anywhere worldwide. You can also adjust for tax-free items or tax-free status.
Can Blaze Minds POS support category management?
Yes. Blaze Minds POS offers a powerful and convenient ‘tag’ feature, which lets you use any number of tags for any item. It allows you to search items and analyze your sales by tags.
Can I use Blaze Minds POS for my international branch locations?
Yes. One of the great strengths of Blaze Minds POS is that it is borderless. It immediately gives your business a global reach without any hassle!
Can Blaze Minds POS support cash drawer?
Yes. A cash drawer can be connected to your POS receipt printer. Just make sure that your cash drawer is compatible with your POS receipt printer.
Can I use Blaze Minds POS to print receipts using a POS receipt printer?
Yes. A cash drawer can be connected to your POS receipt printer. Just make sure that your cash drawer is compatible with your POS receipt printer.
Can Blaze Minds POS support the use of barcode scanners?
Yes. All major-brand barcode scanners work with Blaze Minds POS. No special software installation needed.
Can Blaze Minds POS support product pictures?
Yes. You can upload or attach an image for each product.


Performance and Security

How reliable and stable is my business on Blaze Minds POS system?
Blaze Minds POS is online 24/7. Blaze Minds POS is as stable and reliable as the major players on the Internet, such as Google or, because we use the same technology and the same concept of running your business as they do. Reliability and stability are top priorities. In actuality, with Blaze Minds POS you will be running your business on clusters of servers, not on any one single server, just as Google does.
What kind of support do you offer?
You are supported 24/7 online with the most reliable system that technology can offer. We answer queries through email in less than 24 hours. You will also find you will not need much, if any, additional support because of the contextual help files, and the complete knowledge base. For Premium users, we also offer additional assistance like online chats, screen sharing, and phone calls for special cases.
Do you use SSL for security?
Yes we do, for Blaze Minds POS Premium users. SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is the same encryption and security technology used by major banks and governments. It keeps all data traffic over the internet undecipherable to others.
How often do you back up my data?
Customer can take backup of data through Backup Utility on daily basis. We also provide backup service where we backup your data continuously and keeps an off-site backup at least every 24 hours.
Can I download my POS data onto my computer?
Yes. Downloading to your computer is possible.


Blaze Minds Point of Sale is a system that replaces a retailer's cash register, tracks its inventory, sales, and customer information, and provides reports for managing its business and serving its customers.
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