ERP Customization

Customization of ERP software is an unavoidable in any implementation, though the extent of customization may vary. But it is advisable to exercise discretion in the customization process to balance the benefits and the challenges involved in the process. While customization promises a better fit ERP software solution for the company, it directly affects the budget and timelines. Finding a middle way is a delicate process that needs proper evaluation of options available.

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Below are some factors that will enable companies to fairly decide the customization options:

  • Strong Process knowledge
    The first and foremost factor in the customization decision is the knowledge of the existing systems and processes. If the ERP solution seekers are well versed with their existing systems and understand what exactly is needed, half the bridge is crossed
  • Thorough Option Evaluation
    Once they requirements are understood, the ERP panel must thoroughly study vendors and packages that may already be offering the required features. The evaluators must weight the cost vs. benefits and decide accordingly
  • User Friendliness Trade-off
    Most companies want the ERP system to make life of an employee as easy as possible so that he can accomplish more in less time. But a line needs to be drawn in the real world as increasing customization demands may sabotage the implementation success itself. Also a balance between ERP implementation cost and benefits needs to be charted
  • ERP system Knowledge
    What is the customized ERP system if the system users are not aware of the customized features? This often happens that employees are often unaware of customizations that had been made for making work easier for them. Proper methodologies need to be implemented so that the users are aware of the customized feature options available to them

The extent of ERP software customization is not directly proportional to ERP implementation success. It is rather a tightrope walk where a balanced decision needs to be made by considering various factors.


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